The Karabots Fellows Enter the Dragons’ Lair

Students in the Karabots Junior Fellows Program talk with Michael Rankin, director of strength and conditioning at Drexel University. They stand in the midst of various exercise equipment (a treadmill is in the center frame).

Earlier this month the students of the Karabots Junior Fellows Program received a hands-on look at some exciting careers in sports medicine, courtesy of Drexel University’s Athletic Program.

On February 11, the Fellows traveled to the Daskalakis Athletic Center (aka “the DAC”) where they met with some health care professionals involved in Drexel sports. Michael Rankin, Drexel’s Director of Strength and Conditioning, led them through workout facilities and explained how he helps athletes prepare their bodies for competition. Next, Andrea Irvine, the Dragons’ Sports Dietitian, talked about the science and career potential surrounding sports nutrition. Afterwards, The Fellows received a tour of Drexel’s athletics facilities followed by a trip to see the Drexel men’s basketball team take on the Towson Tigers. While Drexel ultimately lost to Towson (69-65), the Fellows gained valuable experience and fresh perspective on sports medicine.

The basketball court at the Daskalakis Athletic Center prior to the Drexel men's basketball game against Towson on February 11.



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