The Karabots Fellows Learn the “Draw” of Phlebotomy

Quincy Riley-Greene shares his experience and tools as a phlebotomist with the Karabots Junior Fellows

Recently, the Karabots Junior Fellows learned about phlebotomy. While some people may be squeamish at sight of blood, the practice of drawing blood is an important technique with a variety of applications in medicine.  To take them through the process, our very own Quincy Greene, who is a certified phlebotomist, walked the Fellows through the tools, techniques, and science surrounding drawing blood. Our intern, Kierson was brave enough to volunteer as a test subject for a blood draw. The Fellows asked a lot of questions, including whether Quincy has ever fainted while drawing (he hasn’t, although some of his patients have), and he shared his experience with aplomb.

A Karabots Junior Fellow examines some phlebotomy equipment




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