Philly Teens Take Part in the Hour of Code

Philadelphia teens learning to program during the Hour of Code

Part of CEPI’s goal is to encourage and foster STEM education among Philadelphia students. On December 10, the College of Physicians took part in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a global initiative to get people interested in computer science, challenging them to try coding for one hour. Twenty students representing the Teva Internship Program, Out4STEM, and the Karabots Junior Fellows Program came out to learn some of the basic principles of computer programming with the help of Minecraft, Mojang software’s popular world-building and exploration game, and CEPI educators Quincy Riley-Greene and Kevin Impellizeri. Students worked together and in small groups to use code to solve puzzles and have fun along the way. We are proud of all our students who took part and look forward to hosting similar programs in the future!

Students working together during the Hour of Code

If you are interested in learning to code yourself or in hosting an Hour of Code session, has a wellspring of resources available. Happy coding!


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