The College of Physicians Commemorates World AIDS Day 2015


College of Physicians Steps for World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, 2015

Last year, 624 Philadelphia residents were diagnosed with HIV, and the majority of people who currently have HIV are not aware they carry the disease.

December 1, 2015, was World AIDS Day, a day devoted to raising HIV/AIDS awareness. The College of Physicians hosted a day-long event to promote treatment and care, make the public aware of the history of the disease, provide remembrance for victims, and to encourage people to get tested.  To that end, the College offered free on-site HIV, Hepatitus-C, and STD testing, with free admission to the Mütter Museum for any visitor who took part. Several local related organizations were on hand to promote awareness. The site also displayed sections of the AIDS memorial quilt, memorializing the victims of HIV and AIDS, as well as “1981-Until It’s Over,” a visual timeline of the AIDS epidemic developed by the AIDS Fund.”  The event concluded with a performance by poet Gweny Love, accompanied by local teens.

A portion of the AIDS Memorial Quilt


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