Out4STEM Masquerade 2015

Out4STEM Students showing off their masks at the Masquerade 2015

For the past two years the Out4STEM program has hosted a Masquerade event around the time of Halloween. We started this year’s event on October 29, 2015, with a discussion of Dr. Henry Anonymous who said “I’m a homosexual, I am a psychiatrist” to a convention of the American Psychiatric Association in 1972.  He had to wear a mask and a wig to discuss himself or he would have been fired from his job at Temple University.  Homosexuality was still classified as a mental illness at that time.  22 years later, Dr. John E Fryer revealed that he was “Dr. Henry Anonymous.”  Out4STEM honors this piece of LGBT history with a mask-decorating session where participants decorate a mask with what they show on the outside and what they hide written on the inside.  This forms the basis of a discussion on individual identity and the perceptions of others.

One Out4STEM student shows off a mask made at the annual Out4STEM Masquerade event, 10/29/15


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