A New Session of the Mütter’s Drawing Course


CEPI is gearing up to start a new session of Drawing Anatomical Anomalies, the course where students gain special access to study and draw specimens from the Mutter Museum storage vaults! Last session the class was full at 16 students and we drew everything from bones showing mal unions to desiccated feet with comminuted fractures, hearts with tricuspid valvulitis, and a beautifully sculpted wax model of intestines afflicted with tuberculosis.

The course is organized by specimen type: bone, desiccated, wet, and wax medical models, known as moulage. There are a few sessions where we take time to do more specialized study, such as the Comparative Skull Drawing Class, and the museum is opened up several nights for open drawing in the museum, where students can pick any subject on view to create a drawing from. We had a variety of students; recent art school graduates, a tattoo artist, a veterinary student, a world history professor, a special effects make-up artist, a medical student, and a graphic designer who flew in from Texas to take the course! The students were focused and approached their subjects with incredible seriousness – though we do try to keep a sense of humor around all these old bones! They produced fantastic drawings, which you can view in the Museum’s online exhibition here:


Don’t forget to sign up for the next session of Drawing Anatomical Anomalies, beginning October 2015!


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