Graduation Day



It is always bittersweet to see a group of wonderful students graduate. So it is with heavy hearts and bursting pride, that we wish our second group of Karabots Junior Fellows well as they move out into the world. They started with us as high school sophomores almost three years ago and now they are headed to college and beyond. Their impact on the College and our staff has been immense and we hope that we returned the favor. Their words say it better than we ever could:

“My favorite thing about the Karabots Junior Fellows Program was the immense amount of knowledge you could learn in one day. Times when I walked through the museum, went on trips, or listened to a guest speaker, I always learned something new. That’s what I’m most grateful for. I wish I could go back to my first day at the museum and do it again. This is the best program I have ever been a part of and I thank you for giving me that honor.” -Maurice Saunders

“My favorite thing about the program is the help KJF offers! It’s amazing and reassuring to know that we have another supportive and loving group outside school, friends, and family.” -Ellen To


We were lucky enough to have members of our first cohort of Karabots Junior Fellows join us for the ceremony, as well. Many of them will be beginning their junior years in college next year. Oh, how the time flies. We are amazed but not surprised at what terrific young adults they’ve become.


Our deepest gratitude goes out to our funders, Nicholas and Athena Karabots of the Karabots Foundation, whose wise words and unwavering support make this program possible. Thank you both so much.



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