House Dance Class

In case you haven’t heard, Frankie Knuckles, the “godfather” of Chicago House Music, died this week. In the wake of this legend’s death, it’s fitting to have a post about our recent exercise class.

Jon started us off with a discussion trying to get the students to think not only about how they like to exercise, but all the things that stop or discourage them from exercising.

jon in class

It turns out that Netflix is the biggest obstacle our students need to overcome to get moving more. In an attempt to gather some momentum, we moved into the Thomson Gallery to get our dance on.dance3

Karim, one of our very own CEPI staff, taught us some House moves. House music is the style that came after disco started to get old. Out of this movement in Chicago came a dance community that emphasizes fast, funky footwork and fluid movements of the torso.

In keeping the old-school hip-hop traditions alive, Philadelphia house experts Kyle Clark and Dinita Clark emphasize the spiritual and rhythmic foundation of House, which is at its heart a social dance style with music at the center. House isn’t about being the best, it’s about feeling good. Check out this video of our students moving and feeling good (don’t worry, the paintings are well-secured).


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