Education for All


The statistics don’t lie.  The rates of sexually transmitted diseases among young people in Philadelphia are SCARY.  There’s no other word for it. That’s why we brought in not one, but two speakers to talk to our students about STIs, safe sex, getting tested, and pretty much everything else we could think of.  In the picture above you can see our fabulous Museum Educator, Marcy, spreading the word about gonorrhea symptoms as part of our Hip2Know campaign.


Because we’re the Mütter Museum, we had to pass around a skull that’s been eaten away by tertiary syphilis.  Syphilis, you say? Why, that’s an old timey disease that Columbus and Napoleon had. No one gets that these days.  Wrong.  Seven percent of all cases of syphilis in Philadelphia are 15-19 year olds and the rates are climbing.


Not to be outdone, the good folks at CHOICE were here to tell us about the amazing services they provide.  Are you a young person with a sexual health question?  Call (215-985-3300) or text (Text “AskChoice” to 66746) their hotline.  After meeting James, we’re 100% confident they can help. In fact, James gave us the low down on lots of things we’d never even dreamed of.  Especially, the rumors that are swirling out there.  Blue waffle?  Fried rice?  We can’t comment.  Other than to say, education is education for everyone involved.


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