Om Shanti

So what happens when you ask twenty-two 10th graders to do yoga for the first time? Well, there are some giggles. And a few complaints. And maybe a few of them are wearing jeans because they forgot their workout clothes. And some don’t want to take their shoes off in front of the others. But you know what else? There are moments of bliss between the giggles.


In those moments of quiet between the twisted legs and outstretched arms, we choose to believe there was some contemplation going on.


And even if they were just humoring us, it’s our hope that someday a few of the students will explore these techniques on their own. Only good can come of that. Much thanks to College Librarian and Yoga Instructor, Annie Brogan, for her marvelous instruction and patience.


One thought on “Om Shanti

  1. Practicing your zen in such a lovely gallery surely helped you all get centered on future goals and the gift of the present, I’m sure. Namaste y’all! Good job.

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