Out4STEM 2/20

out4stem lgbtq at workCEPI is all about creating spaces where young people can take advantage of the resources of The College of Physicians, Mütter Museum, Historical Medical Library, and the people connected to them. Out4STEM, our series for LGBTQ college-bound youth and allies, is the latest of our efforts to include more young people in this community.

    Next Thursday, February 20th at 5pm, Out4STEM (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math) will be hosting a panel of LGBTQ professionals STEM-related fields. A doctor, a nurse, a social worker, an engineer, and a chemist will be sharing stories about how they’ve navigated issues related to gender and sexuality while pursuing successful careers in these fields.

    We hope this event will demonstrate how we can fully be ourselves while pursuing meaningful and successful careers, and that these stories will make some of the LGBTQ role models in our community more visible to young people. We invite you to come meet them! Food and tokens will be available.Untitled

Contact us or RSVP to learn more!


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