Faces, Ears, Flesh Eating Beetles

Just another day in the education department at the Mütter Museum.  Sadly, we weren’t able to have a tub of flesh eating beetles on site.  But our speaker, Sergio Guerra from the University of Pennsylvania and the New Jersey State Police, talked about using them to remove skin from excavated bones in his lecture on forensic facial reconstruction.

KarabotsWilliamPenn 018

He went on to demonstrate how, using only some pencil erasers, clay, and the human imagination, anyone can accurately recreate the face of a living person.

KarabotsWilliamPenn 003

Actually, it’s not easy at all.  We tried to make ears out of clay and it was nearly impossible.  Here’s Sergio taunting us.

KarabotsWilliamPenn 008

But we had a blast trying.  Look at Calvin.  He definitely thinks his ear is gonna be poppin’.

KarabotsWilliamPenn 015

Most importantly, we have even more respect for forensic anthropologists and the miracles of science (and art) they perform on a daily basis.  More soon!


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