Down and Dirty

If you bury a body and try to move it, the Karabots Junior Fellows will catch you.  They’ll look at the dirt that’s jammed way up in the body’s nose and they’ll determine the the original burial location.  If that location happens to be your backyard, you’re out of luck, buddy.  That’s how good they are.  Look at the picture below, they can identify different types of soil by touch alone.  Sand, clay, silt, loam, it doesn’t matter.  That’s right, they know what loam is.



And if you give them a copy of the really expensive book that lets you color match the soil types, you’ll be doing life.  We guarantee it.



Forensics lessons continue after Thanksgiving.  We’re building a team of world class, Grade-A crime fighters here at the College.  Don’t you forget it.


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