Sick Call

Reprising their roles as wounded soldiers and assistant surgeons, the Karabots Junior Fellows set up shop at the College on October 19th as part of Civil War Hospital Day.  The event featured guided tours of the College’s new exhibit, Broken Bodies, Suffering Spirits: Injury, Death, and Healing in Civil War Philadelphia, as well as the re-enactors of the United States Colored Troops performing drills and even Civil War-era music.  But our favorite part?  Sick call.  Were our soldiers too sick for duty or just faking it?  You be the judge.

We’re not even sure “loose teeth” is a thing but it didn’t keep Sara from trying to fool Dr. Hicks.  He seems suspicious.


Essence, that hand looks bad.  But you can’t turn up out of uniform.


The blood on that rag is scary, Jahlil.  You stay away from us.


And, David, what can we say, you should probably stay right where you are.



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