Camp William Penn Day

No one observes the 150th anniversary of the Civil War like the Karabots Junior Fellows.  This September, our 10th graders headed out to Camp William Penn in Cheltenham to honor the war’s first training ground for African-American troops.  The students set up a field hospital in a nearby barn and did their soldierly duties with vim, vigor, and historical accuracy aplenty.  Activities included: recuperating from amputations (if you think you see a toe poking out, you are mistaken) …

KarabotsWilliamPenn 012

Quenching the local thirst with some medicinal lemonade (lots and lots of sugar is medicinal, right?) …

KarabotsWilliamPenn 021

Bandaging the brave wounded …

KarabotsWilliamPenn 043

And getting tips on how to fill your army-issue hat with stolen potatoes.


Much thanks to the organizer, Joyce Werkman, and the United States Colored Troops for inviting us.  The event was a roaring success and we were glad to be a part of it.  If you haven’t been out to visit the Camp, do so.  It’s an amazing piece of history and a chapter of the Civil War story that doesn’t get told as often as it should.


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